Revisit a classic story of historical heroes filled with adventure, suspense, intrigue, and plenty of thrills.
Don't miss the opportunity to read this fantastic historical tale featuring the Three Musketeers!
Quench your thirst for a thrilling literary adventure with this incredible story starring the Three Musketeers!

Three Musketeers Again

The world-famous “cloak and sword” adventure novel The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas has two sequels. However, nobody knows what happened during the time gaps between them. Could the glorious musketeers stay away from swordplay, wars, political intrigues, and love affairs in the turbulent France of the 17th century?

Book Reviews

Like being reunited with old friends! Well written and true to the original stories. I am a great fan of Dumas's characters, and was overjoyed to discover this "lost" adventure. Very highly recommended!
Scott Ewing, reviewer
This book is a must to read for every fan of Dumas! I'm the one for quite a long time, been admiring the musketeers adventures since elementary school, and these Unknown Adventures are such a pleasant surprise. Amazing attention to historic details. Highly recommend.
Inna, reviewer

Nikolay Kharin

Dr. Nikolay Kharin is a novelist, scientist, and history buff with a passion for Europe and America of 17th-19th centuries. He published several books of short stories and novels in Russia, Bulgaria and United States. He is married with one son and lives with his family in Colorado.

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