If you are a fan of classic novels or have paid close attention to your literature teacher, then you may have heard about Aramis, the musketeer. Yes, he’s part of the famous 17th century trio of royal guards, slash, cavalry men of the French monarch: the three musketeers. “The Three Musketeers” is a novel written by the famous writer, Alexandre Dumas. For those who have read the novel or have diligently done their literature assignments, you may have an idea about who Aramis is. For those who don’t, it’s you knew about the ladies’ man of the group.

As a comparison, Porthos, his musketeer friend, loves to brag about his adventures and conquests of women. Aramis, is quite the opposite: he remains humble and keeps mum about his affairs, especially with women. His humility and irresistible charm brought him fortune and misfortune over the course of the novel. When he was young, he was unfortunately and unjustly thrown out of a house because he was (innocently or not) being quite close to a young woman. He dedicatedly practised fencing to exact revenge on the people who wronged him. As the years passed, his skill with the sword, his charm and his ambitions also grew.

It is the first two qualities mentioned that helped improve his reputation and gain the friendship of Athos, Porthos and later, d’Artagnan. He wanted to be an abbot or a clergyman, but instead ended up becoming a soldier for the king. Because of his ambition, he knows how to successfully execute his plans, no matter what the means to get them done: a Machiavellian way of planning. He made good (and sometimes bad) use of his charm by befriending and flirting with women – not just the regular women, but mostly also the powerful and influential women in the royal court. One such woman was Duchesse de Chevreuse, the confidant of the French queen. His affairs with the duchess and other powerful women enhanced his financial and societal status as the story of the three musketeers progressed. This particular affair with the duchess has helped the musketeers inform the royal family – the queen in particular – about the activities of their enemies. Although highly scheming and ambitious, he genuinely cares for his comrades and friends. He has a strong sense of justice and is also loyal to the group and to their cause.

Aramis embodies the modern male heartthrob. His charm, wit and ambition can be seen in our modern-day young professionals and bachelors. Although he can also be categorized as a “player”, his religious background and commitment to the church is what keeps him from falling to such low character and standard. His loyalty, camaraderie and sense of justice are admirable qualities that make him a good friend and ally. Torn between his duty to his country and his calling to religious service, he was able to do both with grace and determination. He is truly someone we should know and try to emulate: charming, ambitious, humble, loyal, and God-fearing.

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