“All for one and one for all” – this is the famous catchphrase and rallying call of the three musketeers in the novel The Three Musketeers. Due to the fame of this line, it has been frequently associated with the musketeers or any of one the members; and rightfully so, because each of the members are good and loyal friends with each other. Throughout the novel the themes of unity and camaraderie are apparent in every adventure they embark on. Even their fourth, youngest and newest member has fully embraced their famous slogan.

Although the three musketeers can’t be technically considered as cradle-to-grave BFFs, they all have one thing in common: their loyalty to their country. This is actually a good start for friendships made during troubled times. France and the countries of Europe are embroiled in a battle for monarchical supremacy, and from the inside of every kingdom, struggles for control and power are abound. Their patriotism and sense of duty have been put to good use by being the trusted guards of their country’s rulers, the king and his royal family.

They have earned each other’s respect by being the best warriors and fighters they can be. As comrades who been in battle together, they have developed a special bond, a tactic and a philosophy: unity. They have embarked on many adventures and missions and have learned that success is most achievable when done together. They consider each member as an important comrade and precious friend; thus they leave no musketeer behind or let one musketeer go to battle alone. Such is the strength of their unity that their reputation as a group grew and made them known and feared throughout France, as described in the novel. Their sense of unity is impressive in the sense that it isn’t absolute wherein they have to be together at all times, but in the contrary, it is a free kind of unity.

They can go and live their respective lives if duty doesn’t call on them. In fact, if we are to read the three (yes, there are three) novels about the three musketeers, we would come to appreciate the bond of unity they have. I won’t raise a spoiler alert for those who haven’t read any of these novels yet since I will only be giving a teaser of the story of the other novels of the three musketeers and how they are interconnected. Here it goes: after the first novel’s fast-paced and action-packed adventures of the trio, we are lulled into the idyllic lives our heroes are living in after twenty years. Yes, they lived separate lives and pursued their respective ambitions in the second novel, but fate would bring them back together for another reunion and comeback. The third novel gives another gap of ten years into the lives of our heroes. This time, they reunite one last time – not as comrades or enemies but as old friends reminiscing their good old times together. As fate would have it, they meet as friends despite their different allegiances.

I could go on and ramble about how cool these guys are, but it can all be wrapped up into one short description: theirs is a friendship and camaraderie worth admiring. They can be the coolest buddies you can have; they are the kind that would truly go through thick and thin with you and will not leave you alone. Have they done justice to their famous huddle chant? You be the judge.

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