Friends are fun to be around with especially if they have the same interest as yours. Although some of our friends may go away to pursue their own dreams, the common interest and pastime that we share with our friends will bind us with them for a long time. Reading can be a good interest we can share with our friends. It’s not just sharing of the same reading materials with each other. It can also be swapping of different books, novels, comics or magazines with each other, without being too picky or sticking to a particular genre. Through the exchange of different reading materials with friends, we learn more about the world we live in and form a tighter bond with our friends.

The library can be a nice place not just for reading but also for making friends. Conversations may start with a specific book you and your acquaintance may have read or you both like and the friendship begins from there. The longer you hang around the library, the more people you meet who share the same passion for reading and thus, become your friends. The library can also be a memorable meetup place you share with your friends. Reading with friends can have no fixed place to do so. You can read with them in the school cafeteria, the park, in your house, your friend’s house or practically anywhere. Share engrossing activities such as reading with friends can be memorable and will stay in our memories for a long time.

If we fast forward to a few years from now, the friends we have now may no longer be there. Each of us may be busy pursuing our own careers or realizing our dreams. However, there could be a point in our lives when rummage through our old belongings like books, toys, clothes and other items that remind us of the past and our friends back then. Books can particularly hold countless memories when you find them in your attic or storage box. The mere sight of the favorite book you and your friends once read can bring you back in time and you will vividly recall the fun moments you and your friends shared going over different books, magazines, novels and other reading materials messily sprawling all over the floor of your room or tree house. The laughter and wide-eyed amazement you share with your friends as you go over the pages of the different reading materials you are reading, having no care in the world as your heads join together in reading the book or reading materials that caught your fancy and your friends’. All these precious memories which are kept in the inner recesses of your mind can be uncovered once again as you go through the pages of the book. You begin to wonder if your friends also found their own collection of books they shared with you, and if they also remembered their fun days reading with you.

A bond strongly formed by reading can lead friends back to each other at one point in their lives. No matter how far apart or how busy they may be, fate would bring us back together. When we a piece of information about our friends, we begin to look for ways to get in touch with them and meet up with them. If we ask them about a particularly memorable place where we read things together, they would be sure to point out where we once read with them. Of course, no reunion would be complete without memories being brought back and without items that evoke those memories – in this, case the books you and your friends once shared. So read with your friends now. Share books, novels or magazines with them. The fun times you have now while reading with them will one day bring them back to you again. So read, imagine, learn and grow with your friends.

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